Is the Second Career What You Need?

If you are beginning the new year with not having a job and no job prospects in sight, then you may want to take a look at the Ontario government program for Second Career.

This is a program that has been developed to provide skills training for jobs that are in high demand throughout Ontario.  It also will provide some financial support.  While this is a grant based program it is one that is offered on an individualized need.   So what this means is that based on your circumstances you may also be required to contribute to the cost of the training and education.

The maximum amount that may be available to you under the Second Career program is $28,000. What  this money covers is tuition, books as well as your transportation and also includes a basic living allowance. There are some individuals that may have special needs such as those with disabilities or need dependent care.  There also may be additional costs that are incurred such as living away from home or the need for academic upgrading.  In these cases there may be extra support available.

As with any program that is offered by the government there are some criteria that must be met.   One of these is that you have been laid off of work for a specific period of time, but you may be working at an intern a job and still be eligible for the Second Career program.   You also have to be willing to become trained in a career that is in demand.

The process for your application for the Second Career program will be based on your methods of job searching as well as the length of unemployment that you have be subjected to.   Also your educational background and work history will be taken into account.   The officials approving your application will also look at the labour market prospects as a well as your request for training that you are asking for.   They will also take a look at your experience and occupational skills.

If this is a program that you think that you have a good chance of qualifying for then you can go to the employment Ontario assessment Centre and speak with a counsellor who can give you the proper advice as to whether you should take the steps to apply for the Second Career program.

If you’re curious as to the type of careers that are in demand there are many to choose from.  You are most certain to be able to find something with in your realm of interest.  This really is a program well worth looking at if you feel that you can meet the criteria.  While it means going back and being retrained it certainly can open the doors for you in the future in finding work that is going to be applicable to your needs.   It is a second chance at being able to get back into the workforce and one that should definitely be looked at.  If however the qualifications are too stringent in respect to your personal situation, then you should not stop here but should look at other opportunities that the government may have that you may not be aware of.


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