You Need to Reserve Funds for Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing your new business

Most new businesses have a lot of expenses and low on their “to do” list is their actual marketing.   First they want to get their business up and running which of course is the right thing to do.  However, during the planning stages when setting the budget it should include funds for marketing.

Fortunately with the internet the costs of marketing are not nearly as high as what they are for on land marketing and advertising.  What it does demand is time and learning.   At the same time any opportunity for on land branding of the business should be taken advantage of.

You are proud and excited about your new business, and if you aren’t then you have a problem.   There is nothing wrong with some self advertising. You can have a few tee-shirts made up with your branding on it which you can proudly wear and entice your friends and family to as well.

Most people carry a back pack with them nowadays.   Don’t hesitate to brand this with your company logo.   It costs almost nothing to do and you will be quite surprised at how much attention it will get.   Consider having some advertising put on your vehicle.

When it comes to the internet marketing, there are tons of venues that you can utilize.   These as said most often come with a learning curve, so if your time is tight then start out with the ones that you may be familiar with.

Social sites:

Chances are you use Facebook on a personal level.   Take the time to learn how to set up a business page.   It doesn’t take a lot of time to post on this page each day.   What you need to keep in mind however is that this is not a sales platform.   When you post make sure it is something useful and helpful for your audience that puts you in an authority position.   While it doesn’t cost anything to set up a page, you may want to invest a few dollars in advertising.   You can set a budget from $2.00 a day and up and it will certainly help to bring traffic to your site.   This is where your sales approach needs to take place, not on your social postings.   You can basically tweet something every day that pertains to your industry and create recognition there.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to do some YouTube videos.   They don’t have to be professionally done, but if you concentrate on them being something informative then you are going to draw good attention to your brand.

You can include your marketing costs as part of your business expenses, so it has its advantages there as well.   Marketing dollars when spent right is money well spent.

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