What Tools can you Use to Scale Up your Online Business?

Tools for your Online Business

Running an online business is quite a bit different than running your on land business. Many individuals that are just starting out into the business world have never conducted a on land business and are starting with fresher business ideas and have don’t have to get rid of old habits that they may have formed.

When first starting out it may be that you are running a e-commerce business and are using platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce.  A lot of people find these to be quite complex and a better alternative may be a simpler platform such as Shopify.   The reason for this being is that there is a lot of the work is done for you when it comes to the technical aspects of setting up an e-commerce shop online. You don’t have to worry as much about the bandwith or worry about the server constraints.

Another area that you have to look at with an online business is advertising and marketing.  You may want to take a look at what Facebook video advertising can do for you but at the same time you need to have some sort of tracking system in place to determine the activity and  what type of return you are getting on the stats.  It can get really complex if you are using A/B testing to do this.   There is a software that you can utilize that may assist you such as Adespresso. What this particular software will do for you is allow you to load the information needed for the ad and then the system will make the ads for you or a full range of them and place them into your Facebook ad manager.   It also has a good tracking system built into it.

To offer good customer service and not have to go to the expense of setting up a call centre you can use something like a Zen Desk.

If you’re looking at setting up some sort of promotional program which entails an award system for your clients then you can use a program that is called SweetTooth.

The various software that we have mentioned here, is all geared towards automation.  That is what online business is all about. You have a worldwide market that you’re entertaining it can be overwhelming and trying to get a business organized by using as much automation as possible.  This frees you up to concentrate more on generating your sales.

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