What Does the Canadian Government Have for You?

The more common type questions that many of us is “What does the government want from us now?”, however with a little research you will find that actually there really are quite a few programs and services that are available to us, and maybe we should start taking advantage of these.    Then it won’t seem so bad come the next tax season when you have to put your hands back into your pockets to fork out more money to the good old government.

Looking at something that you may not even consider as being an interest of the government is our roles as consumers.   How many times have you purchased something and there has been some type of problem with it?   You just aren’t able to get any resolution for the issue without incurring substantial and additional costs. Well, there just might be one resource that you are not aware of and that’s the Government and Consumer Services.

Then there are lots of other services that are out there sphere headed by our government, but unfortunately many shy away from these because they tend to feel that if you are looking to the government for help for anything there is just too much “red tape”, to go through. It may be worth getting past this way of thinking as becoming more knowledgeable as to what you may be eligible for could help keep some money in your pocket.

Usually when the Government is offering you some sort of incentive like the  HVAC there is a motive behind it, which in this case is to entice people to become more energy efficient.

Another possible Government service that you may be eligible for and not be aware of is the Drug Benefits Program.   While most people are made aware that this program is available to them as a senior, or on disability or social assistance, there may be other circumstances that will help you achieve eligibility that may fall under the Trillium Drug Program.   This involves helping people who have high prescription drug costs in relation to their household income.

In general a lot more people are becoming pro-active in learning how they can reduce their tax liabilities, and do this by using the services of a tax accountant and becoming more aware of what is available to them by way of tax incentives.   By incorporating these types of actions and taking the time to see what the Canadian Government has by way of additional services, it makes paying taxes not so hard to take.


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