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tips for your small business

Small businesses often have more advantages in a tough economy compared to the bigger ones.  Whether that advantage helps them to survive or not is debatable.   In some cases yes, and other cases no.

A big corporation has to rely on a lot of people to let them know how they are faring in a tough economy.   If there is a weak link in this group of managers and advisors it can mislead the big businesses as to how solid they are in a weak financial market.   The small business owner relies far more on his knowledge of what the company is doing and makes his decisions based on his own thinking.  This can be an advantage.

Every business owner whether big or small, has got to put some safeguards in place to keep their business stable in a volatile economy.

The employees of the company are its backbone.  All too often businesses tend to leave their workers out of the look in regards to how the business is faring. A successful company will rely on their employees as a team,  These people know the real workings of the business and their ideas to help make the business function better or grow could be invaluable.

Your employees will perform their best when they feel solid in their positions or at least know what is going on.  If rumors start flying around that that business is in trouble then it will adversely affect every department.  The right approach is to be up front with these workers and tell them what the current situation is, what is being done about, and even if there is a threat that there may be a lay off.

Having good employees is critical to the success of your business.  Make sure they are getting the proper training for the position they are being placed in.  They may have the education and skills but they do not as yet have the experience in your particular work environment.

Think about your customers.  Focus on keeping the ones you have just as much as you focus on getting new ones.  Repeat business helps to create solid ground for a business. Put emphasis on building customer satisfaction and loyalty.  Listen to what your customers have to say about your company and act upon the suggestion that may better it.

Don’t become a business hermit.   Join applicable associations.   This is where you will find new ideas and also learn from the mistakes of others. Sharing of ideas is a good move. Also, be active in your community as this is an ideal way to create brand awareness.

Keep a close eye on your financials, and utilize the services of your accountant to help keep you informed on a regular basic in regards to how the company is doing on a monthly basis, and not just at year end where it is often too late to catch financial mistakes that could have implemented a change for the betterment of the company.


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