How has Mr. Trudeau done in his first year in office

We are nearing the one year mark since Justin Trudeau put on the hat of prime minister. He did so with a lot of support and enthusiasm behind him. For the most part the general public has been very patient with allowing this young prime minister to settle into this important role as leader of the country. It might be that now patience is wearing a little thin both on behalf of the public and the press that favored him from the beginning.

Overall there were about 219 promises that were made by him that played a big role in getting him elected. That is a huge number but they just about touched on something that was dear to the hearts of every voter. It was a good tactic but one that could back fire if the promises aren’t kept. In reality nobody really expected that he would fulfill all the campaign promises but they were expecting progress on some of them.

Promises not started as yet

Out of the 219 there are about 103 that are not started. Here are a few examples and not in any order of importance.

There was supposed to be a more detailed parliamentary expense report. For the taxpayers the thought of more transparency about political spending was a breath of fresh air, however it would seem that if we were holding our breath waiting for this one, then we are long gone by now.

Taking a closer look at development assistance on helping the poorest and most vulnerable, like Maternal, Newborn and Child Health was another important issue for many.

Few people would say that this is not a priority. This is a promise that held out hope for a great many people.

Promises that are in development

There are about 62 out of the 219 that are in the works for making some progress. Although this may seem like a low number we really need to be fair because each of them are dealing with very important issues that affect the country on the whole, and many revolve around the implementation of money that was needed for many of the projects.

Completed projects

The government has completed 34 of the promises within this last year.

Broken promises

This one is difficult because until this government is no longer in office you can’t really say they have broken their promises, however when they are time sensitive where the government said they would take immediate action on their promises and didn’t then you can consider them broken.

So in summary of 219 subtract from this the 62 in progress and the 34 completed it leaves you with 123 that still need to be addressed. So you could say that Mr. Trudeau is ½ way through living up to his word, so overall for a first year in office most would say he really hasn’t failed yet.


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