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Solutions may be available government programs

It is usually around tax time that we give the most thought to our tax dollars that we have to contribute and often it is because we realize at this time just how much we have contributed throughout the year, or we have to pay even more and this is not pleasant.

It might help to focus a little on the different types of programs that our tax dollars go towards supporting.   If we are fortunate enough to have a decent job, good living accommodations and a healthy family then we are not in need of many of the government supported programs.   If that were to change then no doubt we would show a lot more interest in what may be available to assist us.

Being as we deal with two levels of taxes it means we have to look at two types of programs.   Those which the federal government has to offer, and those at the Provincial level.   Sometimes there are similar programs to help with a situation and those in need can utilize both.

Even if we are not utilizing some of these programs directly, they do benefit us indirectly.   None of like to see those that are mentally challenged end up on the street with no home or resources, yet we personally cannot afford to assist them.   Yet, indirectly some of your tax dollars may just be able to do that.    For example, there are programs available through Developmental Services Ontario that offer help in a lot of different ways.

Most of us are aware of the social assistance programs that are available to those in need, which is another extremely useful program when utilized properly.

One of the biggest contentions that taxpayers have about all of these various services is they feel that they may not be helping those that are really in need, and are being abused.   This is where your faith in your Governmental choice comes in.   The best that you can do about this situation is make sure that when you have the opportunity to vote, that you choose a party that you feel is going to be the most astute at making sure that your tax dollars are used wisely and not squandered. Many will say this can be quite a challenge to find a party that will commit to this beyond their platform promises, but that doesn’t alleviate us from our responsibility of being pro-active in seeing that our country is governed properly.

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