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As taxpayers it is a common habit of ours to sit back and complain as to what the government is doing with our tax dollars. Beyond this there isn’t many steps that we take to try and change matters. It is fair to say that we cannot be blamed for this type of attitude based on the previous governments that we have had as they pretty much remained behind closed doors.

It is obvious that this is all beginning to change with the new Liberal government that has taken office. In previous posts we talked about the heavy responsibilities that were placed on the new Minister of Finance Bill Morneau. It is obvious that this Finance Minister is tackling his responsibilities aggressively and has started to do so by launching a pre-but budget government consultation a program.

This is a program that is calling upon the Canadians to put forth their thoughts on how to tackle the mandate that has been set forth. The Minister is looking for ideas concerning how to create a better support for the middle class citizens, as well as how create to jobs and stimulate and increase the strength of the economy.

There are several questions that this a program is putting forth. They are asking for suggestions on how to better grow the economy and protecting the environment by utilizing various types of infrastructure to achieve this goal.

The Minister is going to begin a trek across Canada to host these in person pre budget consultations. He will be going to various cities and will be assisted by the Parliamentary Secretary who will also be hosting at some of the mini pre budget consultations. While this seems like a very proactive approach it is up to us now to participate and show our interest in having a voice.

There are a couple ways that this can be done although some of the events have already passed.  There is an opportunity to make submissions online. Now is your opportunity to have your say. There is nothing to guarantee that your opinions and ideas are going to be implemented but for the first time you are going to have a chance to participate in speaking out about what matters most to you.


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