How Advantageous are the Small Business Advisory Services to You?

Advisory services

Many soon to be or new business owners are not aware that the Ontario Government has put Small Business Advisory Services in place, and therefore they don’t take advantage of it.  This is a service that will offer business advice, support services, and inform you of business regulations.

It really is a good starting point for the new business owner.   There are 12 Small Business Advisory offices scattered throughout Ontario.

Some of the services they offer include are:

Business consultation with a qualified business consultant:

No matter how much you know about your business, there are bound to be some things that you are not aware of.   You may consider that you have an excellent business plan in place, but it will build your confidence to know that a business consultant agrees with this.   You can actually get a review of your business plans.

They also hold workshops and seminars, which may serve as an additional resource for you.

If you are going to get into the import-export business then you can find some excellent information through the Business Advisory services.

These are just a few of the many services they offer.   It is worth going to one of the centers to see if there is anything available that will help you with your business.

You can get a lot of information online which is also a great resource but it can also be misleading.   If you are looking for time sensitive information all too often you may not realize that the online information you are researching is outdated.   Then it is common to end up resourcing information that is not applicable to Ontario.

No matter how educated you are in business it never hurts to utilize all of the resources that are available to you.   You no doubt are going to be using a least a portion of your own money to start your business up, and the least amount of mistakes you make the better it is.   By having resources for your business like this it is only going to demand some of your time to make use of it.

There are other resources you can utilize as well.   For example, consulting with a small business accountant may prove to be of value to you.   They can help you get off on the right foot when it comes to setting up your financial records. This should be done as soon as you register your business even if you are not operating yet.   There are going to be many starter questions that you have and a financial expert like an accountant can answer many of these for you.


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