Hiring the Right Summer Student

hiring students for summer

No doubt if you are a business owner this is the time of year where you may find your job applications coming in at a larger rate than normal.  Most likely this is because the students are on their summer break and are looking for employment.

If hiring a summer student is a new adventure to you, then you may find that it can be quite rewarding.   No matter how busy or slow you may be it could be good to have some extra help around.  Perhaps there are a lot of things related to your business that got put on the back burner during the winter or your busy months.  There may be a lot of tasks that a part time individual could take on which would mean that you’re not going to be spending these gorgeous hot summer days playing catch up. Instead you can utilize the time for some family events or treating yourself to some relaxation time.

When hiring a summer student you want to have a position for them that isn’t going to take a great deal of complex training. They are only with you a short time and you want that time to be productive for both of you.

Ideally you will receive applications from those who happen to have an interest in your industry.   If this is the case then you just might have a future full time prospect in the coming years, when your business requires additional skilled help and your summer student graduates.

Having someone new around is also good for your present staff.   New employee’s especially students bring enthusiasm and sometimes fresh ideas with them.   Your current staff will likely welcome this especially if they have become somewhat complacent in their positions.

You will have to set the ground rules for each summer employee that you hire.  Remembering that they are with you for a short stay and also they may be new to the work force.   Things that an experienced worker would know such as using time clocks and site protocol may not be something that they are aware of and should not be expected to know right away.   Once summer students are taught what is expected of them the majority of them fit in well.   This job is important to them and they will want to get it right.

You can talk to your accountant as to what your accounting requirements are concerning your summer student in regards to their wages.

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