What are the Differences Between a Good and Bad Accountant ?

Differences Between a Good and Bad Accountant ?
When it comes to your taxes you don’t want any mistakes to occur with your filing, and at the same time you want all the savings you can get by way of lower rates, tax incentives and potential credits. To ensure that you are going to get this you have decided to turn to a Toronto tax accountant to utilize their expertise. The next task is how to choose the right one and be able to discern the differences between a good and bad accountant.


What you can expect from a good accountant:


This expert should be enthusiastic about his work. He should show interest in you as an individual and not just another potential client.


He should ask about your tax history to determine if there are any past potential problems that are going to need to be dealt with that can influence your current tax situation.


If you are experiencing previous tax issues this professional should not make you feel embarrassed about this but should be able to explain your options to you for getting the issues cleared up.


This individual should be able to prove his training and expertise to you by way of certifications of education and memberships in the proper accounting organizations.


This professional tax preparer should be in a stationery location where you can return to in the future should there be any related tax matters that you need to attend to.


You should be asked a series of questions by the Toronto tax expert to determine what potential tax credits may be available to you.


You should expect fair pricing, keeping in mind that these professionals have had to invest in a great deal of proper training, and have a big obligation to their clients. The tax laws are complex and your Toronto tax accountant has to have a good knowledge of these.


What you can expect from a bad accountant:


If this potential tax preparer is suggesting you meet in some common place where you can just drop off your tax documents then beware. This is personal information of yours that you are handing over and you do not want to take this lightly.
If this professional asks you no questions about your current situation then how can you expect them to be able to get you the potential tax credits that you may be eligible for? Eligibility has to be determined for many of the tax breaks we are afforded but this has to be determined.


If this expert has no formal training that they can prove to you, or belongs to no accounting organizations they you should be wary as to just how much expertise they really have.


You should be able to determine almost immediately if this potential expert has a real interest in the services they perform, and care about customer service or if they are just out to make a quick buck at tax time.

These are just a few of the highlights that can help you determine if the individual you are choosing to do your tax returns is the one you should be relying on. Be sure to contact Sam Seidman here at Toronto Accountant, 416-398-1700, so you will know that you need to look no further for the right tax expert.


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