How a Toronto Accountant Can Help Your Divorce Lawyer

Toronto Accountant can help your divorce lawyer

Going through a divorce is not a pleasant experience. It has a dramatic and negative affect on several aspects of both parties including the children and other family members. One area that has to be addressed during this time is the legalities which include the finances. You both need to be able to depend on professionals who can assist you with this. You will want to use the services of both a…

Time for Newlyweds to Think About Their Taxes as a Married Couple

Newlyweds means a new marital status on tax return

Once the wedding is over with and you have settled down to the routine of your new life as a married couple, there are certainly a lot of adjustments to make. Something you will need to give some serious thought to is filing your taxes and future tax planning. A good way to get yourself off on the right tax foot is to use the services of a Toronto Accountant. This expert can advise you as to t…

Toronto Accountant Offers Solution for Self Employed Tax Returns

Self Employed People

Personal tax returns can be difficult enough for Canadian tax payers, but when you have to complete your return as a self-employed individual then the real confusion sets in. The best step to take is to use the services of a Toronto Accountant who does this for a living, and will know what your best tax breaks will be.

There are several reasons that tax payers have so much difficulty wit…

Its April! Let Your Toronto Tax Accountant Take Care of Your Taxes

When spring is in the air it usually means that tax returns should soon be in the mail. Who in the world wants to be spending their time crunching figures and writing out cheques to the tax department? This is a job for your Toronto tax accountant.

No matter how simple you may think your personal tax return is going to be, the moment you sit down to tackle the tax return all of a sudden it…

Budget 2013 – Stop International Tax Evasion Program

International Tax Evasion

Stop International Tax Evasion Program

One of the items proposed in yesterdays budget by The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, is to launch the Stop International Tax Evasion Program under which it will pay rewards of up to 15% of the federal tax collected to individuals with knowledge of major international tax non-compliance when they provide information to the Canada…

Tax Free Savings Account Limit 2013

Tax Free Savings Account 2013 know your limit

This is a follow up post to my original posting about tax free savings accounts to explain how the tax free savings account limit for 2013 works.

Tax Free Savings Account Limit 2013

Although the annual tax free savings account limit for 2013 is $5,500 if you have never contributed to a tax free savings account before then you can contribute up to $25,500 in 2013, provided you were 18 years…

Recent Changes to Canada Pension Plan

CPT30 CPP retirement pension

Do You Need to File a CPT30 Election Form

On January 1, 2012 new rule changes came into place that will affect individuals and business owners who are 60 years of age and less then 70 years of age.
Under the old rules once you began to receive Canada Pension Plan (CPP) retirement pension, which could have occurred at an early age of 60 years, you and your employers were no longer required to…

How do I Claim Tuition on My Tax Return, Can My Parents or Spouse Claim it for Me?

How Do I Claim Tuition on My Tax Return

I often have clients come in with copies of cheques for tuition fees paid and lots of book receipts. In order to claim tuition over $100 and a credit for amounts paid for books on your tax return from Universities, colleges or a certified institution you must obtain a T2202A form from your school.
What amounts can be Claimed for School?
You are entitled to claim eligible tuition fees paid for…

Charitable Donations in Canada

Charitable Donations

Only Canadian registered charities or other qualified donees may issue official donation receipts that qualify for charitable tax credits.

Canada Revenue Agency has a list of Canadian Charities called the Charities listing on their website where you can confirm if a charity is registered under the Income Tax Act and therefore eligible to issue donation…

E-Services for Business

Canada Revenue Agency – New Business Landing page

New Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) landing page for businesses makes it faster and easier to handle your company’s tax matters.

Either yourself or your representative can file, pay, and access detailed information about your tax accounts online.
The new web page can be accessed at…


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