What Does 2015 Hold for Politicians that Could Affect Our Taxes?

Politicians could affect your taxes

There are usually three main topics that people don’t like to talk about, 1)  death, 2)  taxes, and 3)  religion.   The main reason is nobody likes to even think about death, they figure there is nothing they can do about taxes, and religion is too controversial.   There has to be a fourth added to these no talk about subjects and that is politics, unfortunately.

As Canadians we are pretty laid back and will normally accept things as they are if we collectively figure there isn’t much we can do about a situation. When it comes to tax matters however, a lot of people are saying, enough is enough.   Many of the Canadian citizens are beginning to take a lot closer look at their tax situations, and what can they do about it personally.

One thing they can do is take a look at the experts that make the rules, and that brings us to the politicians.

Now most people really don’t mind paying taxes if the money is going to be put to its best use.   These dollars are supposed to work to the betterment of our country. What we do see a lot of however, is cut backs. To soothe our ruffled feathers about this the government tells us, not to fear because it’s all for a good cause we are going to have a balanced budget then things will be much better.

So, if you are beginning to think that yes you need to be more alert about your tax situation, then you also need to think yes, you need to be more informed about your political party on the whole, and the specific politicians that not only can have a effect on your taxes, but also your political spokes person that represents your constituency in parliament.

To start getting you up to political speed, what do we know of so far that is going to have an effect on us in the upcoming year.

Global news put out an informative article regarding some key occurrences that will take place this year.   It focuses around the politicians who will be answering to the law regarding some of their actions. What kind of an effect did their alleged actions have on the tax?   Basically it lends itself to our complaints that our tax dollars are not being used properly.

The biggest occurrence to us will be the election.  While it is slated for the fall of 2015, that could change, so we need to be on our toes and follow what is happening in parliament carefully.

Of course the big platform for the Harper Government will be the action plan and the balanced budget.  Many tax payers are looking forward to this assuming it is going to be like an adult Christmas where our government turns into Santa, and starts handing out all types of goodies hoping that some of these will be really substantial tax breaks.

We know that you don’t have a lot of time to really follow the tax scene, but you can always take a few moments to check out our blog, where we will try to bring you the basics so you are not totally in the dark.    We do not favour or promote any one specific political party, but we do favour changes for the good for the tax payer.

Keeping up with your personal tax is a must as well, so don’t forget to sign up for our 2015 Taking Control of Your Taxes e-book.   It is free and designed to help you become more involved in helping you to find the best tax breaks.

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