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Computer Filing your Taxes

It may be hard to imagine that there are still some people that don’t even have a computer in their home, or those that don’t even know the basics about them. However, there are those who simply cannot afford them, then there are some seniors for example, who just don’t have a desire or need for this technology. Yet when it comes to the filing of their taxes it will soon come to the time where they will only be able to file their returns electronically.

The CRA is avidly promoting the use of electronic filing through their marketing and media. They are using incentives to encourage this. One is that those that are now using this method are finding that they are getting their tax refunds much faster. Plus those that are getting money back can opt for the direct deposit option into their bank.


In order to make this an easy online filing task the CRA has put great efforts into setting up their online filing website. This is great for those who first have a computer or access to one. Then they know at least how to log onto a site and have some knowledge of being able to navigate when they do so.


For those that have no computer knowledge many don’t even know how to get onto the internet. So, at least some very basic computer knowledge is going to be a requirement. It would seem that once online filing becomes mandatory that there are going to be no other options for the Canada tax payer. Those who do not own a computer or are not computer savvy will be forced to turn to other resources to help them. Some may be free while others are not.


It may be a wise decision now to find yourself a quality Toronto tax accountant who is going to be able to help you with all your tax issues. This expert will be able to complete your tax returns for you, electronically file them and also give you some good tax planning advice if you are in need of it.


While technology is a wonderful asset there are already potential problems taking place with the tax department and the internet.  There is always a concern for identity theft and the CRA has already issued a warning about receiving emails or telephone calls from individuals claiming to be from the CRA, and are looking for information.   What is ironic is that the CRA says they do not email tax payers looking for information, yet they are expecting you to supply the very same information over your computer.   The argument to this would be is that their site for this has heightened security.


You can easily put all these potential tax concerns behind you this tax season by contacting us here at Toronto accountant, to handle your tax matters for you.


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