Who Are Canada’s Business Power Sources

There are a lot of influential people that are able to change the way that business is done in Canada. These are a collection of politicians as well as high profile executives and even entrepreneurs. While you may not want to diligently follow these people it is interesting to know who some of them are, and where they have the greatest impact.

Steve Williams

Steve is the president and CEO of Suncor energy. With the oil prices being at what they are now how Steve thinks and acts is watched by many others. Mr. Williams is certainly instrumental in leading the way of thinking when it comes to the oil prices. The perception that he has taken is not to let this current situation slow him down. This is most evident with the financial dealings that he has been involved in recently when it comes to oil.

Prem Watsa

For those that that are into investing they are certainly going to watch Prem most diligently. Prem is the Chairman and CEO of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. He is considered to be one of the most powerful business people in Canada and investors certainly use him as their mentor.

Mark Wiseman

Is the President and CEO of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. For those that are looking towards their future when it comes to retirement then what Mark Wiseman does is important. Since the Canada pension plan has been under the care of Mark its assets have grown by 100 billion since 2012.

Justin Trudeau

With Justin being the Prime Minister of Canada naturally he is going to have a powerful role on the financial stability of the country. In the past it has been the government trend not to be showing  much by the way of growth. However, it is believed that Justin’s policies just may be the kick start that the country needs.

Deborah Gillis

President and CEO of Catalyst Inc.   Thanks to women like Deborah, now one in five women hold corporate board seats in Canada. Women in business are impressed with Deborah and often follow her lead.

While a lot of these names may not be familiar to you and they are just a few of many that have a great influence on the country they are highly important in what they have to offer. Their influence goes a long way and it trickles down to every household. These individuals each have their own area of expertise and have a dramatic impact on the finances and growth of the country.     Without them it would be hard to say just what state Canada would be in, so giving them the recognition that they deserve is highly important.


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