What the PM Had to Say to the Finance Minister Part Three

We are going to continue with the next seven priorities on the list that was given to the Finance Minister Mr. Morneau by the Prime Minister Mr. Trudeau in a recent letter. This is a letter that we have been reviewing a by sections as it is critically important letter that is applicable to the lives of all Canadians.

Excess funds

Often there are funds that are collected for example infrastructure funds that are not being spent. In the past it’s been unclear as to where this money goes and whether it has been spent frivolously. Under the command of our new prime minister the mandate is that any unspent infrastructure funds have to be transferred to the municipalities and this will be done through a temporary top off of the gas tax fund.

GST on capital investments

This is an interesting one that it deals with the GST on new capital investments related to rental housing and also includes plans to modernize the existing homebuyers plan.


The PM wants the rules for charities to be clarified and wants charities to be able to do their work without being harassed. It would seem that the expectation here is going to be a new legislative framework.


Proposed plans are here to develop a Canada infrastructure bank which would provide loans at small interest rates for municipal infrastructure projects.


It would seem here that a overhaul of the EI and the job training system is on the “to do” list. It is also indicating that the funds in the EI coffers are to be restricted only to funding EI programs. There are also some potential breaks for businesses on the EI insurance premiums to entice the hiring of new younger workers.

First Nations funding

The PM is putting emphasis on some of the challenges that it the first Nations communities face. One of the priorities here is to lift the 2% cap on annual funding.

Clean air technology investment

The PM wants the Canadian tax system to be more competitive to entice investment in research development and manufacturing as it relates to clean technology. This falls in line with the PM’s desire to work on the Canadian environment as it relates to the world impact.

So here we have the next seven of the priorities and again they are explicit in detail and leave nothing to be assumed and yet cover again those issues that were outlined in the PMs platform during his election. In our next post we will continue with the last set of priorities that have been placed on the Finance Minister. If you missed our last post be sure to take the time to review it.


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