What Tax Carrots are the Political Parties Offering

tax carrots

Of course with an election looming each of the political parties is going to offer some type of tax incentive to gain votes. It is just a matter of what each of the party’s feel they can offer that is going to gain the interest of the largest number of voters. This must raise quite a challenge for the various campaign strategists.

The common goal is all three of the political leaders are going to zero in on what they think is going to entice the Canadian families the most.

The Conservative Government:

Should they be elected in then there is a strong chance that everything that they currently have in the workings is going to continue but they also need a “carrot” to sweeten the election deal. They have decided to target tax relief for families that are thinking or wanting to adopt.

The NDPs:

Their approach is focusing on children as well, but they feel that zooming in on the high cost of day care is the best feather in their cap. Their strategy will be to see to it that child care costs are reduced to $15. a day.

The Liberals:

Their plan of attack is to work on the hearts of those who are or maybe placed in a caregiver situation where they need to be able to access benefits that would help them financially while they took time off to care for a loved one.

So there you have the tax aspect of the different platforms. Are any of them or each of them offering anything that could sway your vote?

Now these are great although we really don’t know if any of them would become a reality. What should be talked about perhaps is what is needed to clean up the less than perfect tax system that we are now subjected to. These might include but are not limited to tax avoidance, offshore havens and tax loopholes. Of course these are not in reference to the average tax payer more prominent in the business realm, but still has an indirect adverse effect against the average tax payer. In some ways we pay the price for those types of business transgressions.

When the powers to be are disgruntled about so much outstanding taxes it is much easier to come after the average tax payer. It is far less costly and much less of a hassle. At least it shows that the CRA is collecting some of the outstanding money and this may be enough to appease the bosses in Parliament.


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