What Is the Daring Destiny Of Pot Legalization?

One of the strongest areas in the Prime Minister’s platform when running for office was his intent to legalize marijuana.   Many feel that this is one of the main reasons why he was successful at winning of the position of Prime Minister. For many they believe this is going to be a good thing and that it will be beneficial for the economy.

So far there has only been a talk that this is going to become a reality but has not really been defined as yet.  There has been some talk that perhaps when pot does become legalized that it will be sold under the umbrella of the LCBO. There are a lot of mixed feelings on this.

There are many that have the talent and expertise and opportunity to be able to produce pot on a commercial level and are looking at making this a business for them in the future.   However their concern is that as a pot grower if they are limited as to who they can retail this to then the business is not going to be as viable.

Looking at the past history of the LCBO one knows that that it is always the major players that are getting the shelf space which leaves very little if any space for the small time grower once this becomes law.

While this is all speculation at the time the LCBO apparently has not taken any formal look at whether it would be feasible for them to be pot sellers. In Ontario this is something that the premier has been vaguely talking about however nothing’s been put in place to begin a study.

According to the LCBO they have not started any studies and there is no documentation under the freedom of information act to suggest that they have.   That doesn’t mean that the LCBO management is not monitoring what may be taking place in regards to the legalization of the marijuana. There is no way that this entity would be able to just jump into it without doing a study to see what the feasibility would be.

Many politicians are in favour of the LCBO being the provider to the public for this substance but that doesn’t mean that it is going to pass Parliament once everything is been put in place for it to become legalized.

It makes one wonder whether all of the establishments that have been set up to sell medical marijuana that were approved, whether they will be the only ones that will have their product accepted in the LCBO setting if this is what ends up transpiring.


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