What Has Prime Minister Trudeau Been Up To

Now that our new Prime Minister has settled in and has buckled down to the job at hand there is no doubt that he has been quite busy in his first few months of office. It all began in November with his swearing in ceremony.

His first outreach outside of the country was shortly after this when he displayed his feelings about the Paris attacks and his support for Paris at this unfortunate time.

At the end of November he had to deal with his promise of the Syrian refugees settlement of 25,000 which was to take place by the end of December but had to be pushed back to the end of February.

He attended the climate conference in Paris where he showed agreement that Canada is the world’s fifth largest producer of oil and has the responsibility of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In the early part of December he approached the topic of the legalization of marijuana and also announced a public inquiry of for the disappearance and murder of 1200 indigenous women he also participated in the world economic forum.

There is no doubt that he has delegated a lot of his authority to his various cabinet ministers. Mr. Trudeau was voted into office because of his presentation and his election campaigns as being one with new and fresh ideas and prepared to stand on his word. He has definitely shown that he has the ability to delegate his authority but Canadians are still watching him with a careful eye as to what he is really keeping his hand on in regards to his priorities.

One of these seems to be the new National Energy Program that he is in the midst of developing which many say is totally different than what his father attempted to do during his reign as Prime Minister. The new program is geared towards trying to support the Canadian oil industry and the second inclusion is the fight against climate change. There is no doubt that the Canadian people want action in both of these regards.

The most of recent action on the part of the Prime Minister is his latest change to the mission in Iraq by the Canadian military. it would seem at that the plan of action here is going to be that the CF – 18 fighter jets will be withdrawn but reconnaissance and refueling planes will stay as is. The Canadian special forces group that is training at the Kurdish militia is slated to be doubled. Canada will also infuse a donation of 15 million in annual funding to the United Nations relief and Works agency.

In regards to the legislation for marijuana it still seems to be a way off but this is causing some difficulties for the law enforcement officials. It would seem at that many Canadians feel that technically marijuana is now legal which it is not and as a result are opening up many dispensaries that are still considered as the illegal.

The prime minister has a full plate ahead of him based on his campaign promises as well as all of the major responsibilities that he has taken on.

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