What Does The Government Mean By Growing The Middle Class Part Two

Another segment that the government is working towards when it comes to the middle class is through investment.   Here the government is focusing on turning the economy around so that it will become stronger which in turn will strengthen the middle class Canadians.  They are attempting to do this by putting money aside to invest in  projects that Canada is in great need of and at the same time will be able to create more jobs within these projects.

There has been a lot of talk about really strengthening the public transit throughout the different provinces in Canada and this is perceived as being a way to be able to shorten commute times which makes it easier for individuals looking for jobs to go out of their immediate area.   It is also going to allow for the reduction of air pollution which is another big a segment that the government wants to tackle.

The government is also taking an approach that is more directed to the communities as individuals rather than the province as a whole. By strengthening the communities in groups that are small it will have a total effect on the province and the economy in general.

To accomplish some of these goals that they are going to beef up the new Building Canada Fund. In order to get many Canadians back into the workforce the government is going to concentrate on jobs and skills training.   Particular attention is going to be put on those that are on unemployment insurance at the moment.   This is not going to leave out those that are unemployed but are not on the employment insurance benefits.   While creating new jobs is going to be highly important the government also realizes that the creation of jobs has to be those that are applicable to the middle class.

The government is also going to focus on the agriculture industry to make it more innovative.

So far the highlights that we have talked about in this new plan for a strong middle class, has only covered the highlights of the first 18 pages of 88.

We have seen productions of manuals such as this before in previous governments. Unfortunately the majority of them turned out to be fairy tale stories that never became a reality.   It will be most interesting to track this entire plan throughout the serving of this government in the next few years to see just how many reached their mark and how much of a difference did it really make.   If even two thirds of it were to come to past there is no doubt that it would make a very major and positive change for Canada on the whole as well as for most individuals.


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