What Can the Skills Training and the Economic Action Plan Do For You?

Economic action plan skill training

It is really frustrating when you as an unemployed person look through the want ads and see many job vacancies, but they just don’t apply to you. When you look closer at the requirements you just don’t have the required skills.  It is a moot point because you are currently unemployed, and don’t have the money to pay for skills upgrading.  Plus, you need a job now so how can you possible afford the money or time to go back to school to get the training you would need?

The Economic Action Plan has taken this into account by offering a variety of initiatives. So what are these and how realistic are they to your situation?

Labour Market Development Agreements:

What this is all about is the government restructuring their labour market development agreements with the various provinces and territories to help to see that these programs will meet the needs of employers and those looking for work.

The crux of all of this is the government has meet with all those who could have a potential input as to what would be required to get the skilled labour training needed to those who are looking for work, and could be trained to fill the required job positions.   So bottom line is the government is open to suggestions by the experts.  The list of those who were able to provide input were as follows….

  • Employers
  • Industry groups
  • Education and training institutions
  • Service providers
  • Industry groups
  • Economic development groups
  • Subject matter experts.

Internships for the Next Generation of Research and Development Leaders

Just as the name implies this is a look towards the future.   It is going to focus around those that are involved in graduate level industrial research and development internships.


Geoscience Investments

This all focuses around the mining industry so for those looking for a future in the mining industry then this initiative may be good news.

Training that Responds to Employer Needs

The government is making a one time insurge of $65 million over a four year term that is to take place in 2016-17. This money is going to go to businesses so they can work with learning institutions to allow them to offer a better curriculum that will produce better grads to meet the various business needs.

Blue Shield Certification:

This plan is devised to help the journey persons in the various skilled trades to improve their business skills.

Connecting Canadians with Available Jobs

This is probably the one sector of the skills training segment of the Economic Plan that has the most importance to the here and now situations of many that are currently unemployed.

It is restricted to those who are Employment Insurance Claimants.  So what is the meat of the program?

  • More resources to online job postings
  • Defining the meaning of suitable work and reasonable job search
  • Consideration of Canadians before temporary foreign workers
  • Working closely with provinces and territories to ensure that EI claimants are made aware of skills training and job search reports.

The list of initiatives under the Job Skills Training with the Economic Action Plan doesn’t stop here.  It goes on to include Express Entry, Computers for Schools Program, Supporting Internships in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Community Works, and the list goes on.

It still comes back to what in this list under the Skills Training Sector of Economic Action Plan clearly and concisely addresses the needs of the unemployed worker who is sitting at their kitchen table pouring through jobs that he has very little hope of getting, because of…..

  • Lack of skills
  • Age
  • Geographical location

There is nothing notable to put him or her ahead of the hundreds of applicants that will probably be applying for each and every vacant position.

It may sound bleak but quite possibly there may be something amongst this very long list within this skilled training sector that just might provide an answer.   What it means is pouring through it and reading the material available to see if it is applicable to your situation.


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