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My name is Sam Seidman. I am a Toronto born and raised resident who went on to become a Toronto educated accountant. As such I believe that I am well versed in the financial pressures that both personal and business Torontonians face when it comes to their tax matters.

My Credentials:

• I am certified as a Chartered and Public accountant.

• I have had the pleasure of serving Toronto tax payers for over 25 years.

• I make sure that I am well versed in all tax laws and regulations both past and new.

My Policy:

• I believe in treating all clients with dignity and respect. I am not here to judge your current tax situation, but to provide you with a solution.

• To build a business relationship with each client based on their uniqueness. I do not consider any tax matter to be too trivial or unworthy of my care and concern.

• To listen to what you have to say. Your concerns and fears are important. It is my wish to make you feel comfortable and confident in the services I am able to provide you with.

• I believe in fair pricing. It has never been my practice to inflate my services in order to generate larger fees.

• I am a firm believer in honesty. I will not provide you with false promises. The advice I provide you with will be based on your circumstances according to the law. You will leave my office knowing what your options are and what you can expect from my services.

• As a Professional I hold confidentiality in the highest esteem. Your personal information is secure with me.

• If the need arises for the use of other resources such as bookkeeping or legal services I will make recommendations to you for professionals within these areas. I do so with the belief that these additional resources are quality professionals in their chosen fields and maintain the same standards that I insist upon in myself. However, you are under no obligation to utilize these recommended services and are free to resort to your own means of obtaining these resources if you decide to do so.

Free Consultation:

I invite you to attend a free consultation with me to discuss your tax needs. You are under no obligation to retain my services, but you will know at the completion of this consultation what your options are.

Call now for your free consultation and let’s put your current tax problems behind you.


Sam Seidman, CPA, CA, LPA
629 Sheppard Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M3H 2S3

Telephone: (416) 398-1700
Fax: (416) 398-6226

Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Licensed Public Accountant

Email: sam@torontoaccountant.ca

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