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There are a lot of different reasons that people go into business for themselves.   Some are aspiring to start a small business with the hopes that it will grow big enough to meet their financial needs and provide them with the type of lifestyle they are looking for.   Others have no real intention of building a business and basically fell into a self employment situation almost by accident.   There have been artists and crafts people who have developed products of an artistic nature for pure pleasure and found that there was a public demand for them.   Before they know it they have generated a small business for themselves and reach a point where they have to decide to grow the business or not.

There are lots of things that have to be considered when a business reaches a point where it demands a decision to be made concerning expansion or growth.   First the intentions of the business have to be decided.   If you are one of these individuals what are your business expectations?   Are you looking for something that you may be able to build as a means for providing a financial opportunity for your children in the future?   While a lot of small business owners dream of the day that their young ones will take over the small business in the future, it doesn’t always turn out that way.   The kids grow up and aspire to make their own mark in life and it may not include what your plans were for them.

Then there are the baby boomers who always dreamed of owning their own small business, more as something to keep them busy in their early retirement years.  In some cases these one person businesses end up becoming quite successful and now have reached the point where they are too much for one person to handle, and it means hiring additional help.

When a business reaches this level it now has to take on even greater administrative responsibilities and most likely means more tax obligations.   Just having to add payroll tasks to the administrative duties can be a big chore for the small business owner, who only wanted to have some fun with running a business and make some money while doing it.

Then there are those who have started a small business with the intention of turning it into something bigger right from the start. The approach may be different here, and all the hard work that it requires to get it off the ground is done with the hopes that one day the business entity will become one that requires several employees and will continue to grow.

It all begins with the decision of where you want the business to go, then learning what additional responsibilities it is going to take to get it there, and then putting the resources in place to achieve the goals.

In all cases every small business no matter what its size has tax obligations to meet, and one of the best resources for assisting with this is quality experienced accountant that caters to small business.  These experts can assist with keeping the business within the tax laws, plus offer some smart business tax planning advice.

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