Using an APP for Tax Reminders

CRA mobile tax app

Anytime you want to know what the CRA has to say about tax matters you can always refer to their website.   There is tons of information to be found here, and there is no doubt that they are using as much modern technology as possible to keep the public informed.   They have even gone a step further now by introducing a new app that you can download that will serve the purpose of tax reminders.

Now in respect to your personal tax you really would have no need of this, but for small to medium sized businesses who have different tax obligations compared to personal taxes, this app might be quite convenient for them.

This is a mobile app and intended for use of businesses whose annual revenue remains below $20. Million and has less than 500 employees.

There is no doubt that running a business can be hectic and it is easy to over look important tax dates like when instalments are due, or payroll remittances for example.   Now with this mobile app this may no longer be a problem because the user can customize it so that reminders will show up as pop up messages, or scheduled in with calendars.

What the CRA is trying to achieve is making tax matters easier for businesses.  There are so many rules and regulations for these companies to abide by, that it can become time consuming, confusing and over whelming.  As a result a lot of tax mistakes are made by the businesses and this creates a big hassle for the tax department.  Don’t forget they have been trying to streamline their operation as well and cut back on costs.  When they have to assign agents to corrections of business taxes it eats into their operating budget.  So in the long run these getting easier business tactics are more for their benefit than the businesses.

Using every opportunity and resource that you can to meet your tax obligations when due and correct is to your advantage as well.  Trying to deal with dated obligations can be tough especially if you don’t have the staffing resources in place that can just dedicated themselves to these types of tasks.  The mobile app just might allow you to run your administrative section a little more efficiently.


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