Is Twitter the New Platform for Political Transparency?

political transparency

It would almost seem that when anyone wanted to know what Mr. Trump was up to or what his present feelings were on a topic during the campaign trail, rather than turn to the news for an update they would simply resort to Twitter.

The president elect obviously felt that this social platform was the quickest way to get his thoughts known. Perhaps for him it was a good move because what he wrote was from his own words and not a quote in the media that could be at risk for being a miss quote or taken out of context.

While this is most entertaining and intriguing for some because in many cases there was always a retort if Mr. Trump was targeting someone specific, can this be considered as professional and ethical? The answer to this question basically comes down to whether you favor Mr. Trump as the new president or not.

Probably the good thing about this is that it allows the general public to get a really good feel as to how not only Mr. Trump but others important figures react and rise to various occasions. Maybe the downfall is that the reaction from these figures is too spur of the moment and had they taken the time to think it through may not have reacted in the same way. However, it does allow one to see the true colors of the tweeter.

Some believe that it was partially Mr. Trump’s use of Twitter that helped it sway at least a few voters over to his side. After all, many of the comments and responses to comments done in the manner in which he did it were voiced in much the same way as what perhaps an angry and frustrated voter would. This many have allowed Trump to form a bond with those individuals who fit into this category.

When all is said and done though is using Twitter as a political sounding board really a good thing over all? After all followers are only getting a few words about the concept of the tweet and this may be enough to create unfavorable opinions and conclusions without knowing the whole story or seeing any follow up to it.

Politicians are historically known for being “smooth talkers” and during the US political campaign the talk was anything but. While this may have been refreshing to some it still brings to mind is this what the people really want from the person who is leading their country?


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