Are Traditional Telephone Companies Going Extinct?

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While there are still many, many companies who prefer to keep the landline telephones that they use as the primary means of communications between themselves and their clients most of those companies are entities that have been in business for more than 10 years. The reason that they keep the landlines is mainly because of tradition. You simply have one because you have always had one. Plain and simple.

When you consider the fact that the bulk of companies that have started up in the past 10 years have chosen to forego the landline and go completely wireless in the workplace. When you couple this emerging trend with the fact that the millennial generation has never had the affinity for the landline telephone that previous generations have had because of tradition you can literally see the writing on the wall for many of the telco companies that have not diversified into the wireless world.  With VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol quickly becoming the choice of many businesses and other communication apps like WhatsApp picking up a huge amount of the communication business with over 100 million calls per day you have to wonder just how long the big telephone companies can continue to compete in today’s technologically advanced age.

The fact that it has become so very easy for an individual or even a company to go completely wireless portends that the future is wireless. The companies that have not yet made the switch have hung on mainly for the traditional aspect when you really think about it.

What benefit does having a desk phone or a switchboard really pose for a company?  It really is an archaic system that has been made obsolete by the digital age. You simply need a main number for the cell system which will allow the company to indicate the extension number of the person they are seeking who then has their own cell that they carry on their person at all times.

The advantages of a system like that is that your representative is never unavailable during business hours. In the old days if a person was away from their desk the client was forced to leave a message or be switched back to reception to leave a message or be transferred which resulted in (and still does!) frustration. In today’s digital age there is simply no reason for that frustration. Your workers are, during working hours, never unavailable for their clients.

The fact that they carry their cell phones with them all the time allows them to be contacted at all times during working hours which prevents a client from being given the run around. In the next 10 years we are sure to see this trend continue and even more people and firms give up the landlines which portends doom for the traditional telephone companies. The future is here and it is digital.

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