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When it comes to your Canada tax obligation just what do you have to be concerned about?  Let’s itemize the areas that you have to consider when it comes tax time.


a)      You have to be sure that all of the financial information that you need to submit is in your possession and you have the figures to work with to compile your tax return.
b)      You need to know what all the tax potential tax benefits are so you can take advantage of those that are applicable to you.
c)      It is important that your taxes are done right so that you are not getting notices from the CRA that you owe them money, or that you didn’t get the credits that you are entitled to.
d)      You need a reputable tax preparer to ensure that if they make a mistake you will know where to find them to clear up the tax matter at no extra cost.
e)      You need to hope that the CRA doesn’t make any mistakes at their end when checking your tax return and compiling your assessment.


So if you thought that doing your simple taxes was a simple matter, then perhaps reviewing these 5 concerns when it comes to taxes is allowing you to think a little differently. They really are very strong arguments as to why using Toronto accounting services is a wise decision.


Many of these issues we have talked about in previous posts, but one in particular that you should really be aware of is the potential mistakes that the CRA can make. It seems that being the trusting nation that we are that we really whether we like our government agencies or not, we put them on a pedestal and basically think that their word is final. So when we get our assessments we just assume they are correct. You may be a little shocked at just how many mistakes they make and this news article will enlighten you regarding this.


We have talked about the pros and cons of tax preparers before, and the importance of choosing the right one for your tax preparation.


By choosing us as your Toronto tax preparer you know that we aren’t going to make a mistake, and if we did then we are going to take the responsibility for it. You can count us to determine if the CRA has made a mistake on your tax assessment if you are suspicious of it. You are going to get what you pay for when we act as your tax accountant at a reasonable price. Contact us today.


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