Toronto Accountant’s Great Christmas Deal

Our Christmas Gift to New Business Owners

Christmas certainly is the time for giving but sometimes good deals come from where you least expect it. As businesses there are just some expenses that you have that you just never seem to get any breaks on. Hopefully you have a good Toronto accountant that provides you with quality yet affordable accounting services.

If you happen to be a new business however, and have not as yet chosen your accountant then maybe this Christmas is the time that you want to do so.   We feel that everyone needs a break once in a while and this is especially true for new businesses that are just trying to get their business off the ground.   In order to help with this we here at Toronto Accountant have decided to make an extra special Christmas offer for New Businesses.


We are pleased to announce a 25% discount on our already reasonable fees for your personal tax return, once you sign us up as your new business accountant.    This discount only applies to your first year of personal tax being completed by us in conjunction with your placing your business accounting needs in our hands.


Please understand though, that we are not making this offer in order to lure businesses away from their current accountant, and that is why the special discount only applies to new businesses that as yet have not contracted with an accountant.


When you are a business owner, it can make your personal tax more complex, especially if you are drawing a salary or taking out dividends.   Getting your personal taxes done properly is just as important as having your Corporate taxes done by the right expert.


While this special personal tax reduction is only available new corporate clients, I should point out that our regular pricing is very reasonable, and that our client satisfaction is 100%.


We never encourage anyone to leave their current accountant merely based on a better price.   If you are not happy with your current tax accountant then pointing out your reasons to him or her for your concerns could easily rectify the problem.    If this does not resolve the issue then you may have no choice but to find a new professional in this field.


Please contact our office here at Toronto Accountant so we can discuss of how we can be of service to you on both a business and personal tax level.


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