Tips to Avoid Being Scammed by An Accountant

Avoid being scammed by accountant
We all know when its tax time that we need to set out finding a professional that can help us with this in most cases. All of a sudden you see lots of temporary offices opening up offering to do you taxes or a bunch of new ads appear in the local newspapers. When it comes to Toronto accountants you will see lots of sites on the internet as well that outline their services.


What you need to do to make sure you aren’t being scammed is to be sure that you are truly dealing with a professional accountant.


You can ask to see their certificates although it isn’t hard to fake these either, so it’s not the only proof that you want. Then you could ask for some referrals but the problem is here that you aren’t sure if these are honest referrals or just someone that is working with these unscrupulous individuals.    Another good place to check is if a person tells you they are a Chartered Accountant ensure that they are registered and in good standing with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario.   You can use the Member search form at the Institute.


It can be pretty difficult really determining that you are dealing with the right person, but you may be asking what is the big deal if you aren’t? The problem that could arise is that the person who tells you that they have completed your taxes for you and has electronically filed them but really hasn’t. You are now late and going to be penalized for late filing. Or you may not get money that is owed to you.


The other problem is they could be done totally wrong and you won’t know it till CRA sends you an assessment. By that time the individual is long gone.


If you are dealing with a Toronto accountant who has a stationary address and a real phone number, then you are more likely to be safe. You want to be sure that they have been at this location for a period of time however and haven’t just rented it for tax season. Now there are some companies that do this but they have a reputable and established name. We are talking here about the individual who has never been heard of before. If you have come across an accountant who has merely given you his phone number and offers to come to your home to do his work or pick up your documents then be extremely cautious.
Remember that you are giving important information to your tax accountant like your social insurance number, address and date of birth. That’s all it takes for identity theft.


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