Thinking About Your Tax Information Security

Thinking About Your Tax Information Security

Being able to utilize the internet for both preparing your taxes and submitting them is a convenience to many, but to others it is not.  For those that are comfortable with computers they see this as being the most efficient way for tax preparation and filing.  Along with this resource can also come some real security risks.
If you are an avid online person then you are also aware of all the nasty computer bugs and malware that you can be potentially faced with.  No doubt you have made sure that you have a quality firewall and security in place for your personal computers.   However, you need to be just as concerned about your personal information when you are utilizing outside help for your tax preparation.
At tax time there are many individuals that pop up as professional tax preparers that offer a price that you just can’t resist for this type of service.   In the end though, this just might end up costing you a lot more than you realize in other ways.   You are providing these individuals with a lot of personal information.   If they happen to work on your tax matters in a public place with wireless wifi, who is to say just how safe that information is?
There are some things that you should bargain hunt for, but having your taxes completed is not one of them.   Using professional tax accountants also means that every step to protect your personal information is being taken.   These experts usually works out of an established location and have taken the necessary protection needed via their internet services and working computer security.
Most accountants are required to E-file if they are preparing a set number of tax returns for clients.   This is done through a secure internet CRA system. However, no matter how secure a website is there can always be a potential risk by internet wizards who spend their time devising bugs that will infiltrate the internet and cause havoc.   Just recently the CRA itself had to take precautionary measures to protect the tax payers from a potential internet bug that could affect their site security. It meant that E-filing had to come to a halt until the resolution could be found.
The lesson to be learned here when it comes to your taxes is to only trust a reputable tax preparer, who is going to be as concerned about your personal information security as he is about preparing your taxes in the proper manner.

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