Things to Avoid Saying When Offering Customer Service

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When it comes to operating a small business one of the greatest resources you have is to be able to take a look at the workings of the big successful companies.  Following what they do on a much lower level can really help you to become successful in your business.

One of the main features that you want to look at with any reputable and successful company is how they handle their customer service.  Not only do you want to know what they are using for the customer service techniques but what they don’t use, and this sometimes can relate to certain phrases that are used in the customer service offerings.

You certainly need to develop your own unique customer service style so that your business does not become categorized like everybody else’s. There are many phrases that we often use when we are dealing with customers and these often become clichés or mundane.

One of the very most common phrases to use is to be honest with you. When you are saying this it is creating the impression that up until this point you hadn’t been totally truthful with your client.

The next common phrase is like I said. This is showing a form of impatience or perhaps a little irritation that the customer you’re talking to is not grasping the information that you are giving to them.

As you are dealing with your customer service progression do not coin the phrase I’m not going to argue with you.   This becomes confrontational with your client without you even realizing it.

Another phrase that comes across as being very bossy is you need to.   This again can inadvertently get your client’s backup as if you are telling them what they have to do.

Finally another phrase that is used is you owe.   This is a hard statement and one that you want to try and avoid.

What it comes down to with offering good customer service is to really think about what you’re saying for every given situation.

There are many factors that you have to consider with customer service and this is a very important segment of your business.   You can have the best products and general services that you are offering, but if you don’t have good customer services tactics in place then it is really going to weaken the viability of your business.



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