The Problems with the Disability Tax Credit

tax credit for disabilities

Everyone wants to take advantage of every possible tax credit that they qualify for.   Individuals with disabilities often take a look at how advantageous the disability tax credit is to them.   One would think that this would give these individuals some type of tax relief but many are saying that the hassles that come with trying to claim it just isn’t worth it.

Some say that it is far too complex to even try to figure out to make the claim.   Then there are some that say that the CRA has turned down the claim and that this has been unjust.  Many complain that the requirements to be eligible are very strict or their family Physicians will not assist them in making the claim because they feel that they are not eligible.

Another problem that individuals with disabilities have been faced with is trying to utilize consultants to help them with the claim and this has created an expense in itself.

The Canada Revenue Agency has estimated itself that there are at least 1.1 million living in Canada that really are eligible to claim this credit.   It has also been showing in the records that half of this number is senior citizens. What is shocking is that for the 2012/13 claims there were only about 620,000.

If you are using a tax accountant to assist you with your tax return and you feel that you are eligible for the disability tax credit this is something that you should discuss with this professional. He may be able to advise you as to what is necessary to support your claim which will at least may help get past the complex issues of filing for this credit.

It is being said that the whole disability tax credit process is being looked at, and that new regulations will be put in place. However, it is not known when this will be done or what year it would come into effect.

The logistics behind the disability tax credit is supposed to give some tax relief to those with disabilities because of the added costs that they face. Unfortunately as seen by the stats there are many people that are going without this extra help.

While the government’s always boasts about how much they are doing for the Canadian tax payer, very little is said about how difficult it is to get them to part with this extra money that comes from not only this tax credit but others as well.   With this being a tax year you can almost bet that these are not issues that the politicians who are running for office will want to hear or deal with.

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