The Impact of Growing Medical Marijuana In Homes

For a very long time now there has been a lot of talk about the growing of marijuana.  As most of us know the Liberal government is pro-legalizing the use of marijuana but there has also been ongoing court battles in regards to the growing of medical marijuana by individuals .

There have been many large companies that have created regulated grow ops and have targeted the medical marijuana users.   Now with the latest ruling by the courts that individuals that have a need for medical marijuana should have the right to be able to grow the product within their own homes is definitely going to have an impact on these commercial entities.   However, the judgment has been suspended for a six month period.   This is so the government can get the rules and regulations in place concerning this.

No doubt if this is going to have the government hustling now to make their decisions on the legalization of this substance,  but it has come as good news to the medical marijuana users who have been up in the air for many months.   They have run into several problems with using the commercial grown marijuana in not being able to get the strain that is best for them or and also the cost involved.

Many of the medical marijuana users had continued to grow on their own but lived in the fear of being caught as technically they were breaking the law.  This has caused a lot of stir amongst a great number of people and businesses as well.

Some of the large pharmacy chains are hoping to get on the financial bandwagon and would like to see  pot placed in their hands for the sale and dissemination should it become legal to use.

What has to be realized by many is that even if pot becomes legalized it will only be legalized it to smoke and not grow, however this new ruling concerning the medical marijuana users is going to put a cog in the wheel now concerning this.

It is still up in the air whether the health minister will try to appeal this decision but based on the Liberals take of the marijuana situation this could result in a lot of wasted money should the health minister decide to go ahead and do so.

Some of those that are the commercial growers figure that it will just be too much of a hassle for the majority of patients to grow their own but what has to be realized is that the majority of these patients have been waiting for the go ahead in order to be able to do so.   What has to be factored in here is that not large quantities has to be grown.   However, there are some risks with the home growing cannabis not only to the individual’s growing it but to the neighbourhood as well.   This is according to some of those that are against the home growing opportunities.


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