The Economic Action Plan and the Unemployed

economic action plan and unemployed

Many individuals are out of work, yet there are many employers who are more than willing to hire but they just can’t find the right workers.   They need workers that have specific skills.   So what is the solution?

The Economic Action Plan addresses this problem or is at least trying to but just how effective is this?

The objective of the plan is to connect those who are looking for work up with businesses that need workers.   Simple enough except there is still the skills issue.  Here is how they are being addressed.

There are several major components being utilized.   There is the skills training, the apprenticeship programs, and the continuing education, youth, persons with disabilities, aboriginal peoples, older workers and newcomers.   Now that should just about encompass everyone that could possibly be looking for a job.

The Skilled Training Segment:

If you take a close look at this section you are going to several pages of initiatives that are being offered in the Economic Action Plan.  After glancing over the first few segments you may very well become discouraged.  It doesn’t address the here and now for the unemployed individual but focuses on the future.  This first part may be of interest to parents or for students planning their future.  If you can get past this first segment and drill down into the rest of the offerings you may come across something that is for you’re here and now situation.

The Apprentices Segment:

If you have the necessary education then perhaps you can qualify for one of the apprenticeship initiatives that are being offered in the economic action plan.

The Continuing Education Segment:

If you are lacking in education then there may be something here that you can use to help you qualify for some of the other segments that require a specific level of education.

Youth Segment:

This again is an initiative that is geared towards future job stability.

Persons with Disabilities:

The Economic Action Plan is supporting the employment of persons with disabilities.  In this segment it focuses on many of the other initiatives already being covered under the other segments.

Aboriginal Peoples Segment:

There are multiple sections within this segment. Some are repetitive in regards to the other segments, but there are also new initiatives.

Older Workers Segment:

This is probably the segment that has the least amount of initiatives in it, but nevertheless there may be some potential here for the older worker to take advantage of.

Newcomer Segment:

It may surprise many when they go to this segment to see the long list of natives.  This is because there has been much controversy over immigrants looking for jobs that are scarce.  However, these initiatives address these issues in some ways.

At first glance it appears as though the Economic Action Plan is comprised of a multitude of initiatives on the government’s part.  There are many of which the government has committed a good portion of money to.  The big question now is what happens to this Economic Action Plan if the current government doesn’t get back into power in the upcoming election?

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