Review of CRA 12 Step Red Tape Reduction Plan Part 11 & 12

We’re going to wrap our series on the CRA 12 Step Red Tape Reduction Plan by finishing off with the last 2 and final steps of this plan.

For many these last two steps are going to be really important.


According to the CRA our Canada Tax system for the small business person is going to get a lot easier as they are going to attempt to ensure business perspectives are better understood during the policy development stage.   So what does this mean?    Well it is supposed to mean a dedicated group for addressing issues such as filing, regulation burdens and voluntary compliance.   Plus, the development of a database for contact info. and a working relationship. Apparently both of these points have been completed.   There are several other factors that come within this plan and they can be reviewed at the CRA website pertaining to this red tape plan.   There is also the plan to consult with small businesses on an every two year basis.


The next and final step of the action plan is for coordination and collaboration amongst those who set the regulations.   Perhaps this will put an end to the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing sort of scenario.   Supposedly this means that there will be a reduction in the redundancy for information amongst the various level of government regarding taxes.   A better relationship among these agencies for sharing of services and information is proposed.   A joint effort to seek out opportunities to implement better programs and services is on the agenda.   Finally an approach directly to the Department of Finance when the need arises is being looked at.
So there you have a little bit of insight as to what changes are proposed for the tax future of small businesses in Canada.   While just the fact that there is some good will being proposed here is welcoming there may be some question on behalf of the business tax payers as to whether this is just politician’s talk.   Then there is the question as to whether all this has come into play truly because the Government wants to be friend rather than foe to Canadian business because the business sector has simply had enough.   Are people hesitant to go into business because of our tax laws?    Will these changes spur the economy?


No matter what the motive overall if all these plans materialize then it is going to be a good thing in many ways for the Canadian business sector.   These measures, proper accountability on behalf of the businesses and proper filing through the expertise of a quality tax accountant should make the tax situation in Canada a whole lot better.


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