What Resources Can You Utilize for CRA Tax Matters

Canada Revenue Agency Tax Matters

Nobody really likes to have to deal with the CRA outside of submitting their taxes once a year, then reviewing their assessment and hoping that all is in order until the next tax year rolls around. In some cases though, it is not that simple.

It is not unusual for tax payers do not agree with their assessment, or the CRA may instigate contact by asking for more information or even notifying that an audit is in the future.

Anytime that you have to deal with a government body that is as powerful as the CRA it helps to know what your resources are.   There are actually several of them and they can be most beneficial in helping you address your tax matter.

First take a look at what actual resources the tax department offers you themselves.  There is a ton of information available to you by way of tax guides and bulletins. Many times these can be difficult to comprehend and may be lacking in the entire information you need concerning your circumstance.

If this is a business related tax matter, then your first resource may be your bookkeeper who is responsible for keeping all your financial records in proper shape. If you are being faced with a demand for more information then this may be the resource that can give you the specifics that you need.

If you are in dispute about your assessment one of the most valued resources that you can rely on is your accountant. This is the professional who probably prepared your taxes for you and he can help you determine whether you have taken the wrong approach with the information you provided for your tax filings, or whether the tax law is on your side. You can authorize this expert to speak to the CRA on your behalf.

If your tax matter becomes a serious one and it is beyond the scope of your business accountant then you may need to utilize a tax lawyer as your resource. Your tax accountant can work closely with this legal professional in helping them sort out and represent you if need be concerning the tax issue at hand.

By knowing that you have plenty of tax resources to rely on and who and what they are it helps you to feel a little more confident when you have to deal with a tax issue that goes beyond your regular tax return.

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