Ready for a Change

Preparing for a Liberal Future in Canada

While it was a toss up whether one was glued to their televisions to watch the elections or the baseball game, in both cases the country was steaming with excitement and anticipation.  When the night came to an end with the Liberals being victorious it left many pondering what a future with the Liberals is going to be like.

The big buzz word over the many weeks leading up to the election was “ready for a change”. It seems like the Canadian people made this very clear. It makes one think of the traditional wedding vows”for better or worse”.   Is that what we were really thinking?   Were we so fed up with the Harper government that any change for better or worse is still better than what this now prior government did? Only time will tell, but what are we really expecting?   What was the trigger that made so many voters put a mark of approval on the Liberals?

High on many of the voter’s agenda is the legalization of marijuana. Now some say this was the drawing card for getting the young voter’s out, but there are many older voters that want to see this come to pass as well.   If this does come into force it is not going to be without many problems, but it is a way for Mr. Trudeau to generate some substantial money for the big plans that he has indicated during his campaign.

This is just one of many different plans that this new government has in store for us.   No doubt it means big changes, but there is one big change that the people themselves have made.   We as Canadians are finally stepping up to the plate and taking a real interest in what our leaders are doing. In the past we have been so wrapped up in our own personal problems, that we tended to not look at the source of the problem or what should be the solution, which is the government in many cases.

We should be looking at the leaders of our country like some fabulous tool that we own that we haven’t take the time to learn how it works, or return it because its broke. This election has shown that we have done the latter. We have replaced the government because it doesn’t work.   Now we have to do the rest of our part.   This means staying on top of what our government does. Know how it affects you personally and how you can handle the effects it is having on you. In other words you have to stay informed. We are supposed to be the boss of our government leaders, and we have finally realized that we need to start acting like a boss.

If we look at running our government leaders like a business, then it is going to have a major impact on our country, and for the good.

We are in an exciting moment in our lives as Canadians.   We have said that “we want change”, then we have to do our part and change from being the placid sit back and take what is thrown at us Canadians, to Canadians that have a voice in what our government does.    You can only do this if you keep yourself informed.

Don’t adopt the attitude that you are only interested in government issues that affect you. If you think about it carefully everything the government does has a price tag to it. That price tag comes down to you through the taxes you pay and the money you dole out for public services.

Now to be fair we fully realize how difficult it is to keep up with the government agenda. Most times all the information surrounding it seems to deal with businesses. So as an average person we tend to ignore it.

As both a personal and business accountant I believe that information should be presented at a level that is applicable to you. We like to talk about issues that have a personal effect on you and your family as it relates to your finances.

To enhance our commitment to you in the very near future we are going to be starting a series on “Preparing for a Liberal Future in Canada.” You can sign up for this, and twice a month we will send you an exciting evaluation of the Government happenings and how they can affect you and how you can make the best of them in your daily living. So be sure to check back for this as we expect to be launching this new series in about two weeks time.



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