Who are the Pros and Experts When it Comes to Tax?

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There are some people who consider themselves to be quite well versed in the Canadian tax programs, while there are others who openly confess they know almost nothing about tax other than they have an obligation to pay it.


So if you fall into that category as to knowing nothing about taxes who should you rely on for tax help?


There are many different levels of tax professionals that you can use as a resource but what is important is that you fully understand their level of expertise and when to use them.


The knowledgeable tax friend or neighbor
Believe it or not there are some people that really do enjoy filling out the tax forms. For some they perceive it as a challenge, and relish in the thought of bringing their tax obligations down as low as possible. While they may be able to accomplish this for themselves it doesn’t mean they will be able to do the same for you, as tax is individualized, and this way of thinking could get you into tax trouble.


The pop up tax preparer
Without fail as tax season approaches you will suddenly see a lot of temporary tax preparation locations surface. While the Canadian government is beginning to tighten up the required credentials for some of these tax preparers, you still need to proceed with caution. There is a lot to know about the tax rules and it is not something that can be learned in just a few weeks. At least, not if you want to fully optimize your tax situation legally.


Now if you can’t trust the CRA then who can you trust? While for the most part this government agency can be helpful in solving your tax issues they are not above making mistakes themselves. You should however learn the various methods of contact that you can make with the various tax departments.


Your tax accountant
This is probably one of the best resources that you can rely on for filing your taxes properly, for the right approach to clearing up tax issues, and for getting you potential tax breaks. These professionals are ones that you can rely on for many different areas when it comes to your tax responsibilities.


The tax lawyer
When you find yourself faced with legal action that cannot be warded off with the assistance of your tax accountant then you should definitely seek out an experienced tax lawyer.


These are a listing of the tax resources that you have available to you and what value they can be to you.   If you are seeking out a trustworthy accountant, then be sure to give Sam Seidman a call at 416-398-1700.


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