Prolonging Your Tax Filing Is Not to Your Benefit

tax filing deadline april 30

Tax filing is simply a task that the majority of people just don’t want to complete.  Even if they have nothing to file, or they don’t owe money they simply hate doing it.  It isn’t something that takes days to do.  For those who take advantage of a tax accountant’s services it’s just a matter of giving this expert the pertinent documents and information.

So what is the big deal?  In most cases it’s the fear of thinking that you may owe the government more tax money and even if you have it, you are going to hold off till the last minute to pay it.  For others it is because they are somewhat disorganized and don’t know where they have put all of the documentation they need to complete the filing.  Then there are some who find it so difficult to fill out the return and they haven’t considered using an expert like an accountant to help them with this.

What we tend to forget is that the deadline for filing taxes is the end of April for the current year.   We are already into one quarter of the new tax year.   When you use good resources like a tax expert to help you file your taxes it can also affect your current tax year.

There may be some changes that you can make that will affect your tax situation. With the tax laws being so complex so many people miss out on this opportunity.  Your tax expert maybe to advise you as to the changes, and the sooner you take advantage of them the better, as you are already well into the new tax years.

You may be faced with a controversial tax return.   Meaning that you may think the tax laws apply to your tax situation one way, but you feel that the CRA will have another view point.   Putting off the tax filing because of a potential tax controversy is not a wise decision.   Discuss the matter with your accountant.   Explain your viewpoint in detail.

Show him the documentation that supports your opinion, and what tax regulations you are relying on.   This expert can then give you his educated opinion as to how he sees it.  Remember that your tax accountant is not a tax lawyer.  When it comes down to complex tax laws it is a lawyer who specializes in this particular law that will serve you best.

Your tax accountant will prepare your tax filings based on his training and experience.  You will always have the option to appeal and CRA decision. Nevertheless get your tax return in on time so you are not also dealing with penalties and interest.   By getting the tax return in you can go to the next level in a legal way to address your controversy.


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