Payroll Services for Toronto Business

Running even a small business is a big task, and here at Toronto accountant we have made it our business to offer you as many financial services as possible that are going to make running your business a lot easier. Many people don’t realize that when they go into business the administrative duties can eat up a lot of their precious time. This is what happens with payroll responsibilities.

Many of our clients are most pleased that they can rely on our bookkeeping services to help them with their accounts payable and receivable, and all the other small accounting tasks that goes into keeping the type of financial records that the government demands.


Our accounting services are much appreciated not only when it comes to year end tax filing but also for proper tax planning that helps to keep the business in good standing from a potential profit point of view and within the tax laws.


Now we are pleased to announce that we are furthering our services by offering payroll services for small business clients. This is something that many of our clients are really looking forward to. Even though they only have between 3 to  5 employees it is time consuming to ensure that the payroll is administered properly each pay period.


We realized that our clients were in need of this type of assistance and we wanted to accommodate them. Then when it comes to preparing the information for the T4’s at the end of year it is no longer a daunting task for the employers as our bookkeepers and Toronto accountant can now handle this job for them through the payroll services division of our business.


If you are operating a Toronto small to medium business why not give us a call here at Toronto accountant and let’s talk about the many services that we offer that can take a great of the administrative burden off you when it comes to the financial obligations of running a business. Call us today at 416-398-1700.



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