Payroll Services for Small to Medium Toronto Businesses

Keeping track of your finances for your Toronto business is not an easy task, but can be easily assisted with by making use of the talents of a good bookkeeping service and quality accountant. One financial area of a business that can be a frustrating task is the payroll. While you may be able to put off other financial matters for a day or two, getting the payroll ready and out on time is not a chore that can be delayed. Employees expect to be paid at the same time according to the set pay schedule.

If you are a small or medium sized business then hiring a bookkeeping company that also offers payroll services will be of a great help to you. Once you give all the information concerning the employee to our payroll expert you can rest assured your employees will be kept happy.


It isn’t just a matter of writing a check out to your workers each week or bi-weekly. Most often there are government remittances to be taken care of. These are the employee deductions. These are not something that cannot be ignored and the government expects you as an employer to ensure that these remittances are done correctly, and on time.


While there is a lot of software that is now available to help you with your payroll duties there are several things that have to be kept in mind. First you must find one that is applicable to Canadian business and Canada tax. Then you have to learn how to use it. Then you must still be available at the right times to enter the employee information that is going to allow you to cut the payroll cheques each pay day. You still have a heavy burden upon you that could easily be handed over to a payroll service company that will make sure that all of your employee obligations as well as government obligations are met.


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