Why You Need to File Your Overdue Returns Tax Accounts


It is understandable to be apprehensive about filing your tax returns once they become overdue. Having to deal with Canada Revenue can be frightening. For this reason alone many overdue tax payers tend to ignore filing in order to get caught up, because they aren’t sure what the consequences will be. They are not sure whether or not they will be able to financially meet the demands that Canada Revenue will place on them regarding the late filing.

It is a serious mistake to keep avoiding the filing of your taxes. The interest and penalties will only continue to mount up. The best step you can take is to have your back taxes professionally completed and filed. This way you can at least be sure that you are going to be able to take advantage of any tax breaks that you are entitled to.

If you are in a financial situation, you will once you have brought your taxes up to date, you may be able to start negotiations with CRA to arrange payment plans based on your needs.

If you have back taxes that need to be filed, then don’t wait any longer. Let me put my professional expertise to work for you and help relieve the stress that not filing your taxes is creating for you.


Reasons why you did not file your return on time


I have heard many reasons why people do not file their tax returns on time.

• You did not know that you were required to file a tax return

• You did not have the money and did not want to file until you could pay

• You were sick, physically, emotionally, mentally or just plain busy with personal matters or extremely busy with work

• You were out of the country at the time

• You always get a refund and always file after the rush

• You’re on your own timeline and just don’t care

Regardless of the reason for not filing,  I  can prepare all of your overdue returns going back over 10 years if required.


Reasons why you have to file


• As requested by Family Lawyers during divorce preceedings.

• To reinstate family benefits which you are entitled to but have been suspended as your returns are not up to date.

• To fulfill CRA demands to file outstanding returns

• For Estate purposes to obtain Clearance Certificates

• To get up to date and obtain the refunds the you are entitled to

• To correct Returns which have been arbitrarily assessed by CRA


If you need returns done please feel free to contact me at (416) 398-1700 or by selecting the contact button and we can go forward and get you up to date again.











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