What You Need to Know About the Record of Employment


For those that have an established business, quite often the same employees have been working for the company for many years. While there is certainly a lot of paperwork that is created for employees, often what is forgotten about is the ROE which is the record of employment.

Often employees experience a time away from work for several different reasons. It could be that they have taken a leave of absence or perhaps are on maternity leave, or maybe even on sick leave. There are times where during this absence that they are paid additional earnings of some type.  What may be forgotten is that the ROE must be amended plus it must be filed with Service Canada. Most employers know that if in employee leaves the company that they must issue a complete record of employment.

If anything changes in respect to a amended ROE then a amended form has to be completed and sent in.   This might take place if you have an employee who has earned a bonus that is being given at the end of the year yet that the employee was on maternity leave.

This paperwork is something that the administrative department of your company should be on top of. It is usually included as a responsibility that the payroll clerk assumes. This is a form that Service Canada relies on when paying out employment insurance benefits, and the amounts that are contained on the form must be accurate in order for them to perform their payment calculations.

As with many of the departments in the Government,  there are now ways that the ROE can be completed or amended electronically. If you are using a software for your payroll responsibilities, ideally you will want one that has ROE obligations completed within it.

It is most important as an employer no matter how many workers you have on staff, that you fulfill all of your employer obligations in respect to the Government requirements.

It is well worth having your business accountant review your payroll obligations and ensure that you are meeting in these correctly. Once you have a proper format for these types of administrative duties in place they should be easy to keep up with.   One mistake that many small company employers make is not having the appropriate and responsible person available to complete these types of tasks and this leads them into many different types of difficulties at various levels within the gov’t.


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