Is Ontario Winning the Battle Against Poverty?

Ontario reducing poverty
While we are right in the midst of the tax season, our main thoughts should be on getting these done and out of the way. Tax season is also the time when people really ponder on where, does all their tax dollars go? There is always a little bit of bitterness that surfaces when one looks at the T4’s and sees what they have actually put into the government coffers. In fairness we have written posts in the past that your tax dollars are critical to keeping up the standard of living that most of us enjoy in Canada.


For some, it doesn’t matter whether it is tax season or not. They are bordering on what the country has considered as the poverty level. Their main focus on what the government is doing is not just restricted to tax season. They keep a watchful eye on anything that the government may come forward with that is going to offer them some type of financial relief.


The Ontario government has been operating on a mandate to lower poverty through various government actions. Which in turn, is supported by your tax dollars.


Looking back over the last year:


·        Through the Ontario Works and Disability Program annual increases were implemented. Starting in 2013 the monthly increase for Ontario Works recipients was about $50. per month for single adults with no kids.

·        The Remote Communities Allowance replaced the Northern Allowance, which gave an increase to recipients.


·        The minimum wage was increased to $11.


·        Over 26,500 young people were assisted in finding jobs, getting trained, and work experience.


·        Over 684,000 Ontarians were assisted in finding jobs.


·        Integrated employment and training services.


·        Launching of the Aboriginal Economic Development Fund


·        Job launching under Metis Voyageur Development Fund.


So in respect to last year’s Provincial tax dollars, you can assume that some of them went into these various endeavors to help the fight against poverty.

For the upcoming year…


·        Working with the $295 million investment in the Ontario Youth Job strategies.


·        Reforming Ontario’s Social Assistance System


·        Strengthening of the Ontario Retirement Income System re the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan


·        Working with the Ontario Electricity Support Program


·        Closing the wage gap between registered early childhood educators and those in the licenced day care centers.


·        Increasing hourly wage of personal support workers.


·        Petition the Federal government for working income tax benefit enhancement


So there you have the past and present or upcoming year predictability of what some of your tax dollars is doing.


Whether you agree with all of this or not, is not going to change your tax responsibilities. Get your taxes done early, and at least get some relief that they are over and done with for another year. If you need help with your taxes I would be pleased to assist you.


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