Is it Shame On Us or Shame on Our Provincial Government?

shame on government for not advertising more

As tax payers we are full of gripes and groans concerning all levels of our governments. Those living in Ontario are of course going to target the Ontario government on the Provincial level. Most often the most we do is complain as we feel that is our only recourse and there are no opportunities to come forward with our thoughts. This has been evident in our poor performance at the voting polls over the last several years. This is unfortunate because this truly is a chance to use our voice through our pleasure and displeasure with our politicians with our vote.

Whenever the government at any level really wants to get a message out to us they will barely spare any expense to accomplish it. This is especially true if they feel it is going to win them a vote in whenever the next election is.

The Ontario government is no exception to this type of message delivery. If they are embarking on a new do good for the people campaign, it will be splashed all over the internet and even through newspaper ads.

In a recent post we were talking about the “new tool” that was available for Ontarians to use to voice their opinion on what was considered a priority to them and was open for leaving suggestions as to how the government could address these.

In total the stats on this new tool show there were 463 ideas put forward with 169,112 votes made on these ideas. With all the potential voters we have in Ontario this really isn’t an impressive response.

So is it shame on us as the residents of Ontario for not taking the opportunity to put forth our thoughts. Or is it shame on the Ontario Government for not broadcasting this new tool more aggressively. After all the news release about it was released the same day the tool opened, which only lasted for one week.

Is it that the government merely can now turn around and say the people had a chance to speak? Would they have limited their efforts to inform the public if it had been something concerning a pat on the back for them? Or are we residents of Ontario merely content to complain and not follow through with an opportunity to be heard.



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