Is Becoming A Tradesman An Option For You?

The Ontario government is certainly making every effort to promote individuals to become involved in the skilled trades.  This is because there is a concern that there will be a shortage of tradesmen in the future which can dramatically affect the economy.  Part of their efforts is to offer as much assistance to individuals to get into the various trades as possible.   One of the options for being able to do this is through apprenticeships.

An apprenticeship is where you would learn the skilled trade of your choice while working on the job.  During this time you work under the direction of skilled workers and included as part of your training is some classroom instruction.   It will be up to you to find who in the employment world is offering apprenticeships in order to be able to get into a a employment Ontario backed program.

You also have to become a member of the Ontario College of trades.   One of the exciting aspects about this is that there are hundreds of trades to choose from.   First you want to have a real interest in a particular industry and then you may have to take an exam once your training is complete. There is also a category of trades called red seal trades which allows you to work in other provinces and territories as well.  For those that have no problems moving away from home this is another option for them to be able to look at.

There are a lot of different ways that you can go about getting your apprenticeship training.   There are the co-op diploma apprenticeship programs. What this will allow you to do is to get your college diploma at the same time you are going through your apprenticeship training.

There is the Ontario youth apprenticeship program.   This is an opportunity for young ones that are still in high school to join in apprenticeship training as a beginning for their career.   There is the pre- apprenticeship training program which allows individuals who are no longer working to be able to upgrade their job skills which can then lead them to participating in an apprenticeship.

The first step you are going to want to take is to check out all of the different categories of apprenticeships and make a list of those that would interest you the most.   Once you have done this then narrow it down to the one that best suits you and do your research to see what the job opportunities are out there.   Your next step then will be to find those that are offering apprenticeships and then take a look at the various programs that the Ontario government offers to assist you to get into this.


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