Interested in the Strengthening and Improving Government Act?

ontario government to strengthen and improve acts

Chances are you didn’t even know this act existed, like many others that are amongst all levels of Governments.   These acts are supposed to be the roadmaps set in place for how our different government levels conduct themselves. Many of these acts are in enforceable but could be what you might say, gathering dust.

It would seem that the Ontario Government is blowing the dust off the Strengthening and Improving Government act and are proposing some amendments to it. These would be applicable to 15 of the laws contained within it.

It might help to understand how our provincial laws actually come into law in the first case.   Usually they are introduced as Bills.   These bills outline what the law pertains to.  They go through various readings or stages of parliament, where they must get passed and then move onto the next level.  Then after the third reading, if passed they must go to Royal Accent.  If passed here, they then become law.

So the Strengthening and Improving Government Act is actually Bill 151, and it received Royal Accent in 2013.

Okay so what’s it all about?

It is a law that allows the Government to make changes to many of the other acts (laws) that are in place in a much quicker fashion.  So now as of April 2015, the Ontario Government is proposing to re-introduce the act by making amendments to it.

Why should you care?

This re-introduction is being done supposedly to make things easier for families and businesses.   So you are being used as the reason as to why it should be re-introduced.

How is this going to really benefit you if it goes through?

It would affect the following acts, so if any of these are important to you then you would have reason to be interested in this….

Highway Traffic Act

The Courts of Justice Act

The Family Law Act

The Provincial Offences Act

Occupational Health and Safety Act

City of Toronto Act

Municipal Act

Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act

The Employment Standards Act

Registered Human Resources Professionals Act

The Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act

Vital Statistics Act

City of Brantford Act

City of Hamilton Act

Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act

Making Ontario Roads Safer Act

This is quite a list, and if you took it at face value you would think that it indicates a major over haul, but don’t get too excited.   To change just one little facet of an act is a big deal.   So while there are lots of acts being affected here, the changes to you personally even in your area of interest, may not be all that significant.
So really why are we bringing you this information?
Simply because the time of just turning a blind eye to the way the country, provinces and municipalities are run has come to an end.  People in general are tired of being cash strapped.  The only way they can truly do anything about it, is if they become educated as to what the people they have hired are doing.   In other words you as a tax payer are one of the many employers of our Government, and the country is your business.

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