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Working from home has really become the new trend for running many different types of businesses. It has also become a common practice to work when away from home or on the road. There are a lot of tools that can assist with the business traveler or the individual that is running a home office but isn’t always at home to be able to do this.

File storage and sharing:

When away from your computer it can become a real problem when you’re working and wanting to store documents or trying to share them with others especially if they’re large. The best solution for this is a program called aDropbox. This allows you a virtual location where you can store your files of any type as well as other data and be able to access them when you need them, as well as give permission for others to access them. It really allows you to stay in the loop and be able to work with others while you’re away.

Virtual meetings:

When you want to get a group together like perhaps your salespeople or your other partners and you are not physically there then you can use to set up a virtual meeting and screen sharing. It is a really easy to use program and it doesn’t require any downloads nor do you need to subscribe to it.

Task organization:

If you really want to stay super organized with your projects then you can use the program called Trello. This is a great tool for allowing you to organize your tasks and break them down into lists and assign them to other team members.

Site monitoring:

No doubt there may be times that you are out of the country on vacation but you can’t totally relax without knowing exactly what is going on with your website. You will have no difficulties doing this and be able to determine the uptime and average response time whenever you want if you use a program called Pingdom.

Desktop Access:

There may be the chance that you need to access to your desktop and you are many miles away from it. you can set yourself up for success here by using a program called LogMeIn this allows you to access and control your desktop no matter where you may be located.

Presentations on the fly:

Many individuals travel for business and are required to do presentations time doesn’t always allow for these to be done prior to the trip so if they need to be done while on the road then a great presentation program to use is Prezi.

These few programs are simple to use and are either free or inexpensive and can prove to be of great value for the business person that is on the go.


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