Important Things to Consider when Job Hunting in 2016

The way the economy is at the moment for many people it seems pretty bleak if they are out of a job and looking for employment. Some individuals have been in the workforce for many years and suddenly faced a layoff and are now faced with the new challenge of how to go about finding another job.

What may have worked for them years back with their job searching has certainly become mundane and they now have to brush up on their skills. Every year there are new trends that are set in the job market and 2016 is no different.

Checking out potential employers:

One of the first steps a job seeker should do and what many are doing is looking at the companies that they are thinking of applying at to find out more about them. This is to see if this is the type of place that they would want to work at, or if the company is solid and has their roots, so that the fear of being laid off is not prominent. Many job opportunities are now posted online that allows jobseekers to look at ratings and reviews.

Employer’s trends:

For those that are looking for employees they really have to be up with the times and make sure that the platforms that they are posting their jobs on is more user friendly. There are a lot more advantages to doing job seeking online than ever before. With so many companies using this as their employee seeking resources they are utilizing tools that can let job applicants know when new jobs are becoming available.

What a lot of people don’t realize is also that many companies are now looking at social media to get an overview of potential candidates that are applying for jobs. Looking at their Facebook page it gives the employer an idea of just what this candidate is like in the real world.

More than salary offerings:

The other trend that is being as set for job hunters in 2016 that is while their salary and compensation is going to be the top priority very close to this is the perks and benefits that are going to come with the job.

Video conferencing interviews:

What is also beginning to happen in the job hunting world now is the use of videos. This is something that is rapidly becoming popular. What this means is that a lot of companies are now doing their first interviews through videoconferencing. This doesn’t replace the face-to-face interview however, this is normally done for the first interview for the company to be able to scale down the number of applicants that may be suitable.

Downplaying the cover letters:

It also seems that that the cover letters are not going to be as important as they once were. These are mostly being used now for cold calling at a company to introduce yourself and explain your interest in the company. This company may not be hiring at the time so it is being used more for an introductory for the future.

Job commitment:

At one time employers would look at the length of time that a candidate stayed with previous companies. If it was shorter than five or six years and then it would raise a red flag. The opinion of this has now changed and has been reduced to a two year period. This indicates that the job seeker has been committed to accompany for that period of time and that seems to be acceptable.

Staying up with the current job seeking trends may help you with your job hunting and getting accepted.


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