How do I Claim Tuition on My Tax Return, Can My Parents or Spouse Claim it for Me?

How Do I Claim Tuition on My Tax Return

I often have clients come in with copies of cheques for tuition fees paid and lots of book receipts. In order to claim tuition over $100 and a credit for amounts paid for books on your tax return from Universities, colleges or a certified institution you must obtain a T2202A form from your school.

What amounts can be Claimed for School?

You are entitled to claim eligible tuition fees paid for part time and full time session. As well if you are a full time student you are entitled to an education amount of $400 for each month of full time studies and $65 for textbooks per month. Part time students are entitled to an education amount of $120 for each month of part time studies and $20 for textbooks per month.

You can elect to transfer up to $5,000 (Federally) as well as up to $6,503 (Provincially) of tuition to your parent, grandparent or spouse, and any amounts that are unclaimed can be carried forward.

T2202A Education and Textbook Amount Certificates are no longer being mailed by many Canadian Universities and colleges and now require you to login to the school’s secure web portal and print them out yourself.


Educational Video for Canada Tax 

Be sure to watch this Video about the T2202A Form and how to claim tuition on your Canadian Tax Return.


Where do I Get my T2202A Form to claim the Tuition and Education?

I have attached a number of links to many common universities and colleges for easy reference which will allow you to login to your schools web portal and print out the required T2202A Form in order to claim the tuition and education tax credit on your tax return.

Brock University – the T2202A tuition and education deduction tax certificate is available online via the student portal. Log in to select the “Student Self serve” tab and then go to “TaxCertificates” to view or download the form as a PDF.

Carleton University – tax receipts are available through Carleton Central Main Menu, Student Record and Registration, Print Tax Receipts

Fanshawe College – Education & Textbook Amounts Certificates (T2202A) are available through WebAdvisor.

George Brown College – Go to the STU-VIEW web site and click on LOGIN On the STU-VIEW Login page enter in your 9-digit student ID number the Click on “Registrations services”, then on “Canadian Tax Forms”. Click on “T2202A Tax Credit Form”

Humber College – tuition tax receipts are available online through Student Record Services (SRS) at

McGill University – Under the Student Accounts Menu in Minerva is a menu entitled Student Tax Slips,

McMaster University – T2202A tax certificates will be available on MUGSI

Mohawk College – Login to MoCoMotion Once logged in view the Main Menu channel located on the right side of your screen. Click on Your T2202A Tax Receipt under the View… heading.

Osgoode Hall Law School – the T2202A form can be at York University through your Passport York –account.

Queens University – available for downloading from the SOLUS Student Center

Royal Military College of Canada – tuition fees receipts and T2202A tax slips are available through the RMCC portal.

Ryerson University – students can access their RAMSS account

Seneca College – simply loing to SIRIS and then select the “Tax Receipts” option from the main menu.

Trent University – T2202A tax receipts are available to students on-line at MyTrent.
University of Guelph – The form can be accessed by logging into the T2202 section of WebAdvisor for Students listed under Financial Profile. You must select the appropriate year.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology – T2202A forms for income tax purposes are available on MyCampus

University of Toronto – The certificate is available for viewing and printing on the Student Web Service/ROSI

University of Waterloo – You can access your official T2202A Tuition, Education and Textbook Amount Certificate by visiting the Finances section on Quest. Go to Student Centre. Select Finances>My Account>Tax Receipts.

Western University – receipts are provided through an online service on Student Center

Wilfred Laurier University – T2202A tuition tax receipts are available for viewing and printing through your LORIS account.

York University – Electronic Forms Retrieval System allows students, staff and faculty access to tax forms online , requires you to Sign in using Passport York

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